Let me start off by first addressing what this book ISN'T. This book is NOT designed to condemn you for your past mistakes or to create some kind of guilt trip. Nor is this book intended to glorify sin or encourage anyone to "sin all the more so that grace may abound.”

But as you read through this book, please keep in mind that all mistakes, bad choices, or just plain thoughtless decisions you may have made in the past or are currently struggling with, can be overcome by the never-ending mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. Also, keep in mind that if you totally trust in Christ, His cleansing, forgiveness, and a fresh start are yours for the asking!

1 John 1:9 - If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Now let me tell you what the book IS. My first and foremost objective is for you to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. My intent is to help you experience a paradigm shift—a change from one way of thinking to another—in relation to the age-old question that every student, young adult, and single person has asked on a very personal level: "How Far Is Too Far?"


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